- Convenient

Depending on the specific product, electronic locks have many different ways to open such as magnetic cards, fingerprints, passwords ... These unlocking methods are aimed at utilities to help family members without having to carry keys locked, not afraid of losing or forgetting somewhere. In case you go out and realize you forgot to lock the door, the electronic lock has a function to help you automatically lock the door.

- Safe, high security

When installing the electronic lock, you have the right to control access history, monitor people coming in and out of the house, useful for families with young children, the elderly, and maids.

Homeowners can decide who opens the door to the house within a certain period of time by setting the application, limiting changes to locks, copying keys. Modern technology for high security with virtual passwords, fingerprint unlocking, setting the door unlock code according to different decentralization (master, user, guest) ...

Some prestigious electronic lock lines are also equipped with features such as alarm when breaking the lock, increasing indoor temperature (the risk of fire).

- Easy to use

Some people still think that technology-related items are often complicated, but with an electronic door lock, the operation is quite simple. In a short time, you can understand how to install and use the key thanks to the instruction manual, instructions from the installation staff.

- Diversity of designs

This product line has many models, designs, colors, homeowners can easily choose to match the preferences, the interior of the house.

- Suitable for most types of doors

Smart door lock can almost be installed on any type of door from wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass ... just the right thickness.


- High cost

Electronic key sets cost from a few million to a few tens of millions depending on the brand, country of manufacture, specific features ...

- Difficult to identify genuine products

Besides reputable brands, there are also unclear origin products, cheaper prices that make consumers easily confused. Features, designs almost similar to the official version but of poor quality. Consumers should choose genuine electronic lock, understand the advantages and disadvantages to evaluate products more accurately, considering the type suitable for families.

With all smart, safe and convenient features, we firmly believe that Neolock's high-class smart lock products will satisfy all customers in today's modern life.

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