The investment in modern door lock system is an indispensable part of the investment in building a modern hotel. Currently, magnetic door locks are commonly used in hotels that are magnetic card locks, fingerprint locks .. Thanks to this type of lock, the owner will have a solution to manage his Homestay conveniently, easily, effectively. more fruit.

1. Solutions for homestay ensure absolute safety

Door lock systems use electronic chip technology instead of traditional mechanical locks. Each electronic chip card is assigned a unique, non-duplicated code. Therefore, the keys outside the system will be unusable, the chip card is lost and no longer valid for use. All this information is stored in the key and easy to look up from the software after downloading. . As a result, the manager will not have to worry guests staying in the room overtime, overtime not paying; theft or fraud of employees

2. Centralized management is easy

When a manager takes over the master card, it is easy to set up a guest card including time, range, room number and card for employees with a schedule, one room or multiple rooms. All operations are performed on the software system, so it is very fast and easy. These data will be saved on the key, convenient for future reference.

Guest cards can only open a certain room within the time allowed, room service card can open any room during working hours, and management card can open all rooms at any time. Come on, that helps a lot for the management.

Besides, when guests register or check out, employees only need to perform operations on the computer to ensure accuracy, quickly, and save time.

3. Convenient, easy to use

Magnetic lock is not only convenient to manage but also very easy to use. No need to use the key, the user only needs to scan the card through the magnetic slot to open the door after 1-2 seconds. In addition, when someone illegally enters a room or the door is not closed, the system will send a warning signal.

4. High aesthetics

Not only is the device security for the hotel, but the magnetic lock system is also a decoration on the room's door, helping to decorate the hotel architecture. If the mechanical lock looks rough and ugly, the magnetic lock is made of stainless alloy material, exquisite design, elegant, eye-catching, bringing elegance and modernity to the overall architecture.

Specifically, with Neolock smart door lock you can:

• Manage and track all your Airbnb, Homestay, Condotel apartments from anywhere and anytime with just one smartphone.

• Create unlocked PIN codes in real time, from anywhere and whenever.

• The PIN is generated on the smartphone, you can customize it by the time the room is occupied.

• Share PIN just created via sms, email to guests.

• Particularly stable door lock thanks to the application of advanced technology related to encryption and synchronization of Germany.

• All opening and closing information is synchronized into your phone via bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

• Just one smartphone can manage multiple rooms through APP.

• In addition to opening with a PIN, you can use a magnetic card, the key in an emergency.

• Has automatic door lock function.

• Combined with magnetic card switch system to create a must-save method The AA battery operated lock lasts from 8 months to 1 year. There is a low battery alarm function via the app.

• The lock is made of high-quality anti-rust alloy material, durable, certainly suitable for most types of doors today.

• Modern and luxurious key design. In particular, the handle structure of the lock is supported by bearings, so the handle is very smooth but extremely firm, but no lock line has ever been.

• 1 year warranty according to the company's warranty policy.

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