1, How does the fingerprint door lock operate differently from the usual electronic locks?

To understand which fingerprint lock is good, you need to understand the mechanism of operation of the electronic fingerprint lock so that when analyzing the details of the problem yourself, you can understand it.

Fingerprint door lock works based on fingerprint biometric technology. Instead of having to look up a lock like a mechanical lock, or press a passcode like a digital lock, the fingerprint door lock will recognize the registered fingerprints to open the door.

After installing the lock, you need to do things to set up the fingerprint templates that can open the door. This data will be saved to the memory of the fingerprint door lock. At the same time, the fingerprint data is also marked with the ID for each fingerprint of different members. When you need to unlock, you will place your finger on the surface of the fingerprint sensor. The lock system will immediately scan the fingerprint image and authenticate and if the authentication is successful the door will open.

This authentication uses the algorithm of the fingerprint biometric technology to identify and match with other fingerprints stored on the key's memory to find the matching fingerprint ID number. The number of fingerprints a key can recognize can be up to 100 different fingerprints.

2, So which fingerprint lock is best today?

According to the expert assessment of the best fingerprint door lock, electronic fingerprint lock brand, Neolock has always been the top name mentioned by bringing convenience, intelligence and safety to customers.

Some things you didn't know about the Neolock brand It is always mentioned in which fingerprints are the best, which is the relentless effort after many years of the brand manufacturing Neolock.

Neolock branded fingerprint lock products are rich in style and design, suitable for glass doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors and especially old, extremely affordable but convenient, modern. extremely popular with users.

The preeminent feature of electronic lock using Neolock fingerprints Highly regarded by experts and users as one of the best fingerprint door lock brands today, because the device has the following advantages:

• How to unlock Neolock fingerprint diverse Fingerprint lock line has up to 6 ways to unlock: Fingerprint + card + password + mechanical key + Bluetooth APP + Wifi (Optional), making unlocking diverse, fast, convenient.

• Made from high quality materials Constructed by zinc alloy helps fire, durable, long life, ensuring absolute certainty for your home.

• Use the modern No.1 Live-scan fingerprint reader today Live-scan fingerprint reader technology is a modern technology that accurately recognizes fingerprints in 1s, memorizes, processes and orders the door to open automatically. Users open the door more easily without worrying about losing keys, forgetting magnetic cards or codes, absolute safety, high security. This is also the feature that makes Neolock lock become the name always mentioned in the issue of which door fingerprint lock is good.

• Function to restart the lock after the incidents After having a problem, the electronic lock itself has a restart function to lock the operation correctly and more smoothly.

• Warning function when the battery is low when the battery is low When the battery is low on the lock screen will display a low battery warning or emit a warning sound to help users replace the battery in time to avoid running out of battery.

• Battery life is over 1 year, support 10,000 times of opening and closing operations Using 4 batteries for a device, the battery life lasts more than 1 year and supports 10,000 times of opening and closing. At the same time changing the battery is also extremely simple, you should replace all batteries at once to lock the most stable operation.

• Large storage memory When consumers find out which fingerprint lock is good, they often care about the memory of that lock. Neolock's massive memory storage capacity can store up to 100 fingerprints + passwords + unlocked magnetic cards + Key engine for anti-copy design. Through sharing the article about which fingerprint lock is good according to expert opinion, we hope to help you understand more about fingerprint lock. At the same time, trust using Neolock fingerprint lock device to ensure the security of your home.

• High security Using anti-copy mechanical key ensures that the copying of thieves cannot happen, and the lock set has extremely high security features, so copying fingerprints, passwords, magnetic cards is unlikely. . Besides features such as intrusion warning, unlocking, the ability to use virtual codes (to avoid peeking when someone is right next to it) are also integrated into a smart electronic lock. Neolock is proud to bring to the market the most safe, secure, confidential and convenient products to our customers. => Learn more: Card lock for cheap hotels in 2019 Contact us at Neolock smart door lock

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