1. Neolock accessories - International quality

Neolock lock products always consider quality as number 1. Developed by technology of and according to international quality standards, Neolock high-end door lock solutions have outstanding features to bring you ease. Easy and effective. With the trust in the quality of its products, Neolock is committed to guaranteeing all its Neolock door locks and accessories.

2. Comprehensive solution

Neolock lock accessory products are developed with the aim of providing reliable comprehensive solutions for professionals and consumers. "Comprehensive solution": high-quality door lock Neolock provides a comprehensive solution for hardware locks and hardware accessories, meeting the needs of investors, contractors and end-users. . "EaSy": Neolock high-quality door-locking products are always geared to using, installing and maintaining the easiest way, bringing the best experience to Neolock's customers.

3. Modern design, advanced and leading the trend

Neolock lock is designed with a modern style, minimalist but no less luxurious. Neolock's product development department is always researching and changing product designs to capture design trends over the years.

Every year Neolock always releases new products with the world's leading security technologies. The security technology combined with eye-catching design is always the strength of Neolock product.

4. Prestigious brand name

Neolock - a prestigious luxury door brand in Vietnam. With experience and expertise, Neolock Course has received the trust of many famous architects, designers, contractors and investors in the world. In Vietnam, Neolock is now a reliable solution provider for professionals operating in the fields of furniture, architecture and real estate.

5. Absolutely confidentiality and safety

• With durable alloy material that resists external forces, unauthorized intrusion such as door opening or locking

• An advanced anti-theft alert system will issue a siren and warning lights to the owner when an intruder wants to break in.

• A computer-controlled management system closely linked to a smart wooden door lock will help store access information or detect an unlocker in the shortest possible time.

• Door lock can be integrated with multiple locks: key fins with key lock, magnetic card lock with key lock, magnetic card lock with fingerprint lock, ..

With all the smart, safe and convenient features, we firmly believe that Neolock's high-class locking products will satisfy all customers in today's modern lifestyle.

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