1. Neolock remote control door lock unlocks with phone

Definitely can not ignore the remote control door lock Neolock if you want to choose the product you like. Commitment and quality reputation from leading brands, international famous.

The high-end Neolock electronic lock line remote control can install remote press from a certain distance. You don't have to come to the door, just press the button - simple and fast.

Another option is to manage the entrance via smartphone. Just download the app to your phone, you can control access directly without having to operate at the lock. This also helps owners know who access the door for easier control.

Neolock remote control door lock unlocks with phone

- Made of abrasion-resistant steel block material. Neolock remote control door lock is extremely safe. Products are durable, do not worry about crooks breaking into the house or intruding.

- Equipped with a remote control system, users can open and close quickly with a great distance.

- Modern encryption features, technology of installing virtual codes make it difficult for outsiders to know the real codes. Minimize the case of password leakage or stealth.

- Integrated with 5 modern door unlocking features: With fingerprint, open with magnetic card, open with code, open with mechanical key and open with remote control.

- Luxurious design, eye-catching appearance not only protects the house but also increases the aesthetics of the space.

2. Which remote control door lock should I choose?

This depends on the individual needs and goals of each person. Each type of electronic lock has its own advantages, suitable for economy, different use. On the market today, there are many lines of remote control door locks with many advanced features, but there are too many categories that make users confused with information. So when choosing smart electronic door lock products, you should choose reputable companies and brands in the market. 

Neolock is proud to be the leading unit in the field of supply and construction of smart electronic door locks. With many years of experience in the profession and a team of professional technicians and consultants, we will help you choose a suitable door lock for your home.

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